About the Band

All-Inn officially exists since summer 2014 and has one main goal, and

thats keeping Rock & Metal alive. They have already gained respect in the german

music scene and a lot of Fans. This Hard Rock Band from the heart of Frankfurt-Germany

are also known for their achievements at Band-Contests and their melodic Licks such

as heavy Rock Riffs. What gives them their reputation is their Live-Performance

and energy on and off stage. 

Last but not least, the members of All-Inn come from different countries such

as USA, Germany, and Italy. So different but so similar. 

What do our Fans love to hear?


- Are You Ready (2016)

- Superstar (2017)

- Living Without You (2017)

- Life's A Journey (2018)

- Deal With The Reaper (2018)

- Evolution (2018)

- Party like a Redneck (2019)

- Whiskey Dick (2019)

- Patience is Vision (2019)

- Sex Rookie (2020)

- Hot Shot (2020)

- Dreams Come True (2020)

- Dirty Sunrise (2021)

Cover Songs

- Kickstart My heart (Mötley Crüe)

- Sweet Child O Mine (GNR)

- Devil I Know (Motörhead)

- Breaking the law (Judas priest)

- The Wicker man (iron maiden)

- First kiss (Kid Rock)

- Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard)

- Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)

- We All Die Young (Steel Heart)

- Lick It Up (KISS)

- uvm...


Feb 2020 Road to Glory Tour 2020 - Opening Show   INDRA - Hamburg (Germany)

Nov 2019 RELEASE SHOW PARTY von All-Inn im ELFER KLUB (Selfish+Dark Ruby) Support

Nov 2019 The New Definition of Rock - All-Inn in Das Bett mit Atrio/Firestorm/Eve Of Chaos

Sept 2019 All-Inn Powerparty/Halftime Show @frankfurt Universe - Frankfurt Germany)

Sept 2019 Mike's B-Day Bash im Das BETT - Frankfurt (Germany)

July 2019 American Steel Festival - Griesheim (Germany)

June 2019 Bad Homburg Sentinels Half Time Show - Bad Homburg (Germany)

June 2019 "Keep Rock alive" Golden Krone Darmstadt - Darmstadt (Germany)

May 2019 "Emergenza Semi-Finals" Nachtleben - Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

April 2019 "METAL METZGER" Benefiz Konzert - Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

April 2019 Das Bett - ALL-INN Show - Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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