About the Band

ALL-INN is a band with a focus on creating rock music with a hard-hitting retro twist. Their sound is hard-hitting, but also melodic and fun, going for a one-of-a-kind feel


From the depth and energy of hard rock, down to the melodic edge of glam and the unapologetic attitude of sleaze-rock, there are no rules. The group’s most recent release is a project titled Life is A Journey, from 2019. This release is a perfect example of the band’s attitude and charismatic approach to songwriting and performance, going for an immediate and earthy sound that favors the human connection between the musicians, rather than hiding their work under an excessive layer of studio trickery. If you are a fan of artists such as Motley Crue, Poison, and T-Rex, this one is definitely going to be right up your alley.


- Are You Ready (2016)

- Superstar (2017)

- Living Without You (2017)

- Life's A Journey (2018)

- Deal With The Reaper (2018)

- Evolution (2018)

- Party like a Redneck (2019)

- Whiskey Dick (2019)

- Patience is Vision (2019)

- Sex Rookie (2020)

- Hot Shot (2020)

- Dreams Come True (2020)

- Dirty Sunrise (2021)

Cover Songs

- Kickstart My heart (Mötley Crüe)

- Sweet Child O Mine (GNR)

- Devil I Know (Motörhead)

- Breaking the law (Judas priest)

- The Wicker man (iron maiden)

- First kiss (Kid Rock)

- Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard)

- Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)

- We All Die Young (Steel Heart)

- Lick It Up (KISS)

- uvm...



Feb 2020 Road to Glory Tour 2020 - Opening Show   INDRA - Hamburg (Germany)

Nov 2019 RELEASE SHOW PARTY von All-Inn im ELFER KLUB (Selfish+Dark Ruby) Support

Nov 2019 The New Definition of Rock - All-Inn in Das Bett mit Atrio/Firestorm/Eve Of Chaos

Sept 2019 All-Inn Powerparty/Halftime Show @frankfurt Universe - Frankfurt Germany)

Sept 2019 Mike's B-Day Bash im Das BETT - Frankfurt (Germany)

July 2019 American Steel Festival - Griesheim (Germany)

June 2019 Bad Homburg Sentinels Half Time Show - Bad Homburg (Germany)

June 2019 "Keep Rock alive" Golden Krone Darmstadt - Darmstadt (Germany)

May 2019 "Emergenza Semi-Finals" Nachtleben - Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

April 2019 "METAL METZGER" Benefiz Konzert - Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

April 2019 Das Bett - ALL-INN Show - Frankfurt am Main (Germany)